Introduction to Sufism: The Inner Path of Islam

English translation of Initiation au Soufisme, published by World Wisdom, Bloomington (IN), 2010, 240 p.


Publisher’s presentation :


This, the first book in English from an authority on Sufism, Éric Geoffroy, introduces Sufism from many angles and from its origins up to the present day. Geoffroy sees Sufism as a unique lens through which we can view the spirituality that lies behind the forms of Islam. Having its source in the Koran and in the prophetic Tradition, Sufism’s goal is to deliver practitioners from the negative human passions, and the illusions, that beset them.


This book covers the history of Sufism from its earliest days up until our own times, touching on the many significant people, practices, ideas, and controversies that have shaped it. It also highlights Sufism’s universal aspects, which are a powerful antidote to various fundamentalisms.

Geoffroy’s special treatment of the subject balances the voices of long ago (e.g. Ibn ‘Arabī, Rūmī, Hallāj, and Ghazzālī) with many contemporary voices to cover a remarkable scope of topics essential to a full understanding of authentic Sufism. The work concludes with the prospects for contemporary Sufism and with its increasing role in the West.


Translator’s Foreword excerpt :


Both seekers and scholars will find that this book, besides being wide-ranging and well researched, has a rare attribute: by articulating so well the disputes between the scholars of the letter of the divine Law and Sufis, and then between different currents within Sufism itself,

Dr. Geoffroy has given us a book that lends itself like few others to discussion and debate. We can easily imagine lively conversations, whether in college classrooms or in readers’ living rooms, framed by the contents of this volume.
Roger Gaetani, co-editor of Sufism: Love and Wisdom.
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